Komplektas: Kondensatorinis Mikrofonas Silentium PC Gear SM950T Black (Juodas) + Pop-Filter + Shock-Mount + Tripod Stand

Komplektas: Kondensatorinis Mikrofonas Silentium PC Gear SM950T Black (Juodas) + Pop-Filter + Shock-Mount + Tripod Stand

Komplektas: Kondensatorinis Mikrofonas Silentium PC Gear SM950T Black (Juodas) + Pop-Filter + Shock-Mount + Tripod Stand
Gamintojo kodas: SPG052
Gamintojo nuoroda: https://spcgear.com/en/product/sm950t-streaming-usb-microphone/

Mikrofono sample rate

16bit - 48kHz

Mikrofono varža

- Ω

Mikrofono dažnio diapozonas

18 - 21 000 Hz

Mikrofono nominalus jautrumas

135 dB

Kabelio ilgis

1,8 m

Kabelio jungtis


Kabelio tipas


Mikrofono apytikslis svoris (su stendu)

1090 g

Mikrofono tipas

- x -mm kondensatorinės kapsulės

Mikrofono kryptingumo charakteristika

Unidirekcinis (Kardioidė)

Thanks to its directional characteristics used amongst professionals, you can sound better than ever before and all that with no annoying noise reaching your recipients’ ears. No matter if it’s a stream, video of any kind, music recording or even a home assignment, the mic will do better than fine. And when you are not so sure what to say the easily accessible mute button will help to instantly silence the microphone. SM950T  is not only a standalone microphone – it’s a full set of useful accessories and all of that for your satisfaction! Pop filter? Check! Basket style shock mount? Check! Tripod to place your mic everywhere you want? You got it too!

Crystal clear sound. LET YOURSELF SOUND PROFESSIONAL. The SM950T is a high-end microphone equipped with the renowned Cmedia USB chipset and large membranes. It uses a cardioid collection pattern praised by almost everybody who works with their own voice, be it a streamer, vlogger or a musician. What’s so great about it? Directional listening provides excellent sound insulation of unwanted background noises and sound feedback. It also allows you to achieve a warm, radio sound of your voice. Try it for yourself and let your audience hear the difference!

Mute Button. FOR YOUR EARS ONLYAt the top of the SM950T you will find a mute button which is easily accessible and will help you to silence microphone instantly without disrupting the game or conversation. You will know when and what you can say as both the button and the device give a clear indication of the status. Lighting up in blue when the microphone is in operation and red when it is currently not recording.

Stylish design. THAT GOES IN PAIR WITH QUALITY. Being one of the most visible elements of your workstation, you definitely want your microphone to look good. We are fully aware of that, so we made a solid body in an elegant form. The SM950T housing is made entirely of metal, which makes it highly resistant to damage and long-term use. Internal components such as the membrane and electronics are also protected by a rigid metal mesh and metal reinforcement. The attractive and professional look of the microphones will embellish your workstation, and captivate viewers of your streaming or YouTube material. We are sure that you will absolutely love it!

Versatility. FOR ALL YOUR RECORDING NEEDS. With its directional characteristics and a set of accessories, the SM950 is a real all-rounder! No matter if you are a streamer, YouTuber, vlogger or a musician, you will undoubtedly appreciate perfectly clear and noise-free recordings. It’s a win-win as your audience will appreciate it too!

Tripod. PUT IT WHERE YOU WANT IT. Do you often record your material in different places? If yes, then SM950T is the right choice for you. With its solid folding tripod and 1.8 meters long USB cable you can place it everywhere you want it. Three legs ensure excellent stability so your microphone will hold steady on any surface.

As nothing is certainly stable. THE SHOCK MOUNT. If you happen to REALLY live the game or if it just seems that your cat likes your desk more than you do and things start shaking sometimes, the shock mount comes into action! This piece of accessory will eliminate vibrations caused by typing on a keyboard or tapping on a desktop. Your audience will go deaf no more!

Pop filter. FOR THE CLEAREST VOICE QUALITY, AT ANY TIME. Did you know that when we get excited, our speech tends to get more plosive than usual? Such short bursts of air (and small amounts of saliva sometimes) flowing directly at the microphone can sound exaggerated and really unpleasant to the listener, but if you place a pop filter in front of SM900, the problem is gone!

Plug&record. AND YOU CAN SAY IT BEFORE YOU FORGET IT. The SM950T gives you high compatibility with such applications as instant messaging services, gaming platforms and advanced digital sound processing workstations. No additional software is required, no fiddling with settings or equalizers. Just connect and start recording

Komplektacijoje rasite:

  • Pop-Filter
  • Shock-Mount
  • Tripod Stand

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Garantija: 24 mėn. fiziniams asmenims / 12 mėn. juridiniams asmenims
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