Žaidimų Klaviatūra Silentium PC Gear GK-630K RGB Tournament - US layout - Kailh Red Switches

Žaidimų Klaviatūra Silentium PC Gear GK-630K RGB Tournament - US layout - Kailh Red Switches

Žaidimų Klaviatūra Silentium PC Gear GK-630K RGB Tournament - US layout - Kailh Red Switches
Gamintojo kodas: SPG058
Gamintojo nuoroda: https://spcgear.com/en/product/gk630k-tournament-kailh-red-rgb/

Klaviatūros tipas

Mechaninė Kailh Red Switches

Mygtukų profilis


Mygtukų gyvavimo laikas

iki 50 milijonų paspaudimų


RGB 16.8 milijono

Programuojamų mygtukų skaičius


Kabelio ilgis


Kabelio jungtis

Auksu dentas USB

Kabelio tipas

Medžiaginis apvalkalas

Klaviatūros apytikslis dydis

400mm x 190mm x 50mm (Ilgis, Plotis, Aukštis)

Klaviatūros apytikslis svoris


SPC Gear GK630K Tournament Kailh Red RGB is a compact keyboard for gamers without a numeric block. Thanks to its small size and a detachable cable it will be perfect both at home and at tournaments or LAN parties with friends. Two-stage feet adjustment allows you to set the height of the keyboard to your preferences and the responsive and precise Kailh Red switches will provide a clear but fair advantage in competitive games.

Kailh red mechanical switches. GUARANTEED LIFESPAN OF 50 MILLION CLICKS. Kailh Red mechanical switches are the perfect choice for the demanding gamer. A small amount of pressure is enough to activate the switch, which is perfect for online competitive games such as FPS or battle royale. Thanks to their extremely quiet operation, the Kailh Red switches are also perfect for night gaming.

High durability. ALUMINUM TOP OF THE HOUSING. The GK630K keyboard, thanks to the aluminum reinforcement of the top is extremely durable and stiff - this ensures comfort of use even during long sessions. In addition, this part is is highly resistant to all kinds of damage, thanks to which you can safely transport the keyboard in a backpack or bag with other items.

Elegant design. SIMPLICITY AND STYLE COMBINED. The classic look of the SPC Gear GK630K keyboard combines simplicity and style in one product. You will find an embossed logo on its profiled aluminum top and the red accent with the logo on the right side – both effectively eye-catching. The unique character of the keyboard is also given by its plastic bottom covered with aesthetic patterns. All this makes the GK630K look interesting and makes it a great addition to any gaming rig.

Multicolor RGB lighting. 18 PREDEFINED EFFECTS. Multicolored RGB backlight allows you to customize the appearance of the keyboard to your liking. 18 predefined lighting effects provide great configuration possibilities - from a static single-color effect, through changing colors of the rainbow, to responsive backlight activated with a keystroke. But that is not all - the SPC GEAR software allows you to customize each effect and change them in any way you want. The backlight itself is also a functional addition, significantly improving the visibility of the keys both during the day and at night.

Double feet. The compact TKL (Tenkeyless) format in which the keyboard is devoid of a numeric panel is one of the many useful features of the SPC Gear GK630K. Double feet allow you to position the keyboard in three different heights, according to your preferences.

Detachable cable. The detachable cable with specially prepared channels on the bottom of the GK630K keyboard. Thanks to this, it is possible to arrange the cable in one of three positions and to completely replace it when it is damaged or when you need a longer or shorter cable.

N-key rollover. PRESS AS MANY KEYS AS YOU WANT – EVEN ALL AT ONCE. The N-Key Rollover feature of the SPC Gear GK630K keyboard is a full anti-ghosting. This means that no matter how many keys are pressed at once, you can be sure that each of them will be read by the computer correctly. This is of great importance in games that require complex commands involving many keys pressed simultaneously.

Useful software. MANY OPTIONS AVAILABLE IN ONE PLACE. After installing the SPC GEAR software, you get access to many very useful keyboard functions. It is possible to set the type of lighting, its color from RGB palette, the operating mode of many effects, and also create your own profiles. In addition, the advanced macro wizard allows you to quickly write your own complicated commands and assign them to a single key. The great advantage of the SPC GEAR app is also its modern design and ease of use.

Sistemos reikalavimai

  • Windows® 10 / Windows® 8 / Windows® 7

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